lauantai 12. syyskuuta 2009

Couple days mail and Two Decosquares which i made.Homer. This Summer marathon FB round july 2008 via NQB i received. Thanks everyone who sing up in this FB and thanks also maker who make this FB to me. And also really big thanks friendly people who sent to me back this FB.

This Decosquares i received from The Netherlands. Two wedding theme decosquares to me via TQA and Tea time Decosquare round september via HQC. Thanks so much!

This is my order from Greetingfarm. i received really much this stamps.

I received also other homer this week. This is little mermaid FB round mar.2008 via cuteFBswappers. Thanks for returned, signers and maker!

This groupswap. My Melody FBs round august 2009 via NQB.

This stickers sheet, post stamps and Charmmy Kitty art decos round 9/2009 via CuteDecoFBsonly i received from Finland. Thanks So So much!

And this week i make two Decosquares Sarah Kay and Fairies round 22 via TQA. I has made yet this same decosquares before but they are wrong size, so now size is right.

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