maanantai 31. elokuuta 2009

Today i has wonderful mail day. i received three envelope.
This envelope included art decos and crafting supplies.

Here is Summer marathon art decos via NQB and they come from Saudi Arabia

And last envelope included very cute tatty teddy FBs via Qualityswappers from Scotland.

sunnuntai 30. elokuuta 2009

I made finished today FBs, art decos and art decosquares. All is round 1 via HQC.

All For Beate FBs.

Charmmy Kitty FBs.

Vintage Movie Stars art deco.

Vintage Wedding art deco.

Tea Time art decosquare.

Forever Friends art decosquare.

perjantai 28. elokuuta 2009

FridayTitanic art deco round september via Lovelydecos, i made it.
Vintage New York art deco round september via Lovelydecos, i made it.

torstai 27. elokuuta 2009

Thursdays mail

Today i received Vintage pin ups art decos round 19 via Lovely decos and Daisy Duck Fbs via NQB round 54 from Germany.

keskiviikko 26. elokuuta 2009

Wednesdays mal

I received stickers sheet and art decos from Finland.

tiistai 25. elokuuta 2009

Tuesdays mail

Today i has really wonderfull mail day. I received two really fat envelope. This stamping images, ribbons, flowers, sequins, papers, brads, eyelets, and border stickers i received from my dear finnish friend. Thanks so much dear!

I received also my order from My friend made my order, Thanks so much!

sunnuntai 23. elokuuta 2009

I made finished couple days ago this Greeting Farm Characters art deco round 5.

lauantai 22. elokuuta 2009

Fridays mail

I received crafting supplies, groupswap: Forever friends FBs round august 2009 via TQA, and other FBs swap.

Yesterday i also received my order from I received there paper pads, ribbons and rub ons.

torstai 20. elokuuta 2009

Thursdays mail

I received FBs swap from my dear Finnish friend. Thanks!

I received also my 3 d stickers order from Ebay seller.

tiistai 18. elokuuta 2009

Wednesdays mail

I received two art deco. This is groupswap: Vintage soaplabels art deco round august 2009 via TQA, Vintage Disney art deco round august 2009 via TQA.

I received my order: ribbons, stickers and paper kits from

I also received my stamp order. Two Magnolia and Two Sarah Kay stamps.
Tuesdays mail
I received four really cute ribbons pack

lauantai 15. elokuuta 2009

Fridays mailCrafting supplies
Groupswap: Baby girl FBs for Johanna via TQA.
groupswap: Chip & Dale FBs round 30 via Qualityswappers.

Groupswap: Lillebi FBs round 30 via Qualityswappers.

This craftingsupplies, groupswap and FBs i received from Germany.